Author on topics of sexuality, relationship, and BDSM
Former ambulance medic
Former law school professor
Expert witness on BDSM matters

About Jay Wiseman

Hello. I'm Jay Wiseman, an author and a San Francisco resident. This is my ever-so-humble "official" site on the web.

Special Bulletin! My new videos Erotic Bondage For Beginners, Tight Immobilizing Bondage, and Wait Till I Get My Hands On Him are now out. Click here for more information.

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I've written a fair number of essays on various topics. Many of them can be found on the BDSM and Sexuality Resources page of this website.

I often post in my Jay Wiseman group on Fetlife (free account signup required). Please take a look as the spirit moves you.

I sell copies of my books and videos on on this site. I'll autograph them if you'd like.

For information about my books, videos, and other stuff click here.

For sexuality-related matters, including BDSM matters, try my BDSM and Sexuality Resources page.

I'm a former Emergency Medical Technician (ambulance medic). For EMS-related issues, try my EMS Resources page.

For legal information, try my Legal Resources page.

I give a lot of public presentations and workshops. Please check the calendar for locations, dates, and times, and the Workshops page for info on the content of these.